Asia Pacific

  • 6:44pm

Market overview

Thailand, rich in history, nestled in the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia, offers a multitude of cultural delights and a cheaper lifestyle. With a population of 66.5 million, it is home to an array of nationalities with many choosing to base themselves in the bustling capital of Bangkok

Thailand has never been colonised compared to its local neighbours (Vietnam, Indonesia and India) despite numerous attempts by the British and French. It boasts a rich heritage as a commercial exporter and its economy is the World’s 20th largest with main industries including agriculture and tourism.

The digital media industry has seen a surge of activity over the past 5 years with many US owned companies basing their main headquarters in Bangkok. Advancements across search marketing, programmatic and ad tech have culminated in an exciting media landscape.


The visa is organised and paid for by the employer so you can rest assured everything will be covered before you arrive. All signatory documents are sent to you once an offer has been accepted and you can expect to move within 4-6 weeks.

The Market

Bangkok sits at the epi-centre of Thailand’s digital market activity. There are a number of local and global companies (some well known US ones) who have chosen Bangkok as their SE Asian hub rather than Singapore due to lower operational costs.

Local digital talent work within the paid search space with more hiring needs for performance specialists coming from the US and Europe.

The Lifestyle

Thailand offers low living costs and the country enjoys an all round average temperature of 36 degrees although the tropical wet and dry climate can make some seasons exceptionally hot. Thailand is a popular choice for candidates and many take advantage of the surrounding deep sea diving and water based activities coupled with inter flight travelling to other SE Asia destinations.


Salaries are quoted in Thai Baht, the local currency, or US Dollar as annual salaries depending on the company. In recent years, most companies have based their SE Asian headquarters in Bangkok to attract more talent and offer competitive earning potential.

Income is taxed between 10-20%  but residents earning under 150k Thai Baht are exempt. Salaries at 150k-500k are taxed at 10% and above 500k to 1 million is at 20%. Anything above is taxed at 30%.