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Market overview

Singapore is a Republic and was originally a colony founded by Stamford Raffles in 1819 to be a trading hub for the East India Company, after which the British Empire took charge until Singapore won independence and became a sovereign nation in 1965. It has since become  the multi-cultural gate way to the Far East and beyond. It is a hugely popular region for ex pats and locals alike which offers lower tax rates than the UK. The digital market has seen many UK candidates move either internally within a company or directly from competitors at a fast pace over the past 3 years.

Singapore’s local market has a population of 5.76 million and it has enjoyed rapid growth and it is considered the main base from which most APAC digital media accounts are coordinated. This means most Singapore based roles offer direct contact with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai,  Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. The digital industry is a smaller mirror image of many companies in the UK so people looking to move will find that they are given a lot more responsibility and exposure to new accounts. Technology is still developing and there is sometimes an adjustment period with learning how business is  conducted with Asian clients.


Most candidates need a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in order to qualify for a visa but this is organised by the client.  As previous posts state, you need to get your degree attested by a UK registered Solicitor but we can guide you through the process which takes 2-3 weeks to organise.

Visas for non-Singaporeans have become stricter to obtain with the local government  encouraging work for nationals. The digital knowledge gap still exists and, when possible, companies will hire from outside the region.

The Market

Singapore has long maintained a strong digital position within APAC.  Display, PPC , SEO, Paid Social and Mobile are all working channels and the recent influx of ad tech companies using Singapore as their main base has only cemented its stand point.

It also offers a unique chance to work within digital, not just in a different country, but at a Global level. It will give your CV an edge and expose you to other emerging markets in the future.

The Lifestyle

Singapore is the perfect melting pot of East meets West. A fusion of cultures and cuisines, you will be spoilt for choice. If you shop around you will find bargains but certain areas (similar to London) are more expensive. The lower rate of tax is appealing but also be aware that travel can be expensive at peak times during the summer so it’s wise to plan well in advance for any trips you want to take.


Singapore salaries are quoted monthly.

Income tax sits between 15-18% (between 120-160k SGD p.a) with a cap on 22% for the highest earners.

3-5 years’ experience within a specific niche channel can command 8-10k SGD a month.