London 1

Trader Manager

London, United Kingdom

This rapidly expanding RTB department is looking for Trader Managers to come and join their expanding digital team. Ideally you will have an excellent grasp of analysing data and basic statistics as well as being able to contribute to how advertisers think about their customers.

As the Trader Manager you will have a really solid grasp of the advertising landscape and where real time bidding fits into it. You will be running digital campaigns with minimal support from your line manager. Utilising the data from Demand Side Platforms and AdServers you will build insights and recommendations for clients. These can include; formats, exchanges, platforms, websites and audience profiles. In addition to these responsibilities you will be accompanying Account Managers on meetings and briefing sessions with all the agency’s clients. The Account Managers will seek input from you on how to improve optimisations so overall performance is improved. All of the results will be fed back to planners to input into the next media planning phase.

As one of the leading Trading Desks within the agency World, this is a super chance to either gain more experience within RTB or make a move from search/paid social from a campaign management perspective.